Welcome to the Crafty Games Fan Wiki

A repository of fan creations and mechanics rulings arising from the "pen & paper" tabletop roleplaying games created by Crafty Games.

What's Here?

The objective of this wiki is to make easily accessible both the creativity of the fans and the received wisdom of the developers. To that end, visitors here can access both the answers to the many questions players have posed about the ways rules are intended to work, as well as the vast library of original creations and adaptations.

How Do I Get Involved?

  • Jump onto the Crafty Games forum
  • Grabbing a copy of one of Crafty Games' RPG core books would also be pretty useful. Fantasy Craft, being an OGL product, is still pretty much flavour of the month.

How Do I Add Content?

Check out the Style Guide. It's full of information and tips.      

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